Victim found in a Rubbermaid box

In 2003 Carolyn Jansen simply vanished. Her roommate, JD Harrington, claimed she had just run off with their rent money. An innocent sounding story that would take over 12 years to unravel before Harrington was convicted for Carolyn's murder. As the trial unfolded it became apparent to the jury that Carolyn had not run off, she was beaten and killed by Harrington then hidden in a large, tightly duct-taped Rubbermaid container.

John Kellner first saw this case shortly after helping to form the 18th Judicial District Cold Case Unit in 2013. Years earlier the Aurora Police Department had sought to charge Harrington for Carolyn's murder but the former District Attorney declined to file charges and Harrington was released. But in 2014, after new investigation and DNA analysis by CBI, John and the cold case team filed new charges for 2nd degree murder. In 2015, a jury returned a guilty verdict and Harrington was sentenced to prison. Kellner said, "This was a family just crying out for justice. Carolyn had lived a rough life, but she was loved and not forgotten by her family. We wouldn't give up on her case."

On the Case with Paula Zahn would later profile the case and the victim's family's quest for justice. You can read about it here and catch the show "A Daughter's Quest" here.

Carolyn Jansen

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