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Former Governor of Colorado

“John Kellner is a man of principled integrity and I am confident – with a wealth of experience as an effective prosecutor, U.S. Marine and a husband and father – he will be an outstanding District Attorney for the residents of Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln Counties."



District Attorney, 18th Judicial District

“Now is not the time to play politics with the criminal justice system. Chief Deputy District Attorney John Kellner has the experience and successful prosecutorial record to lead the 18th Judicial District and bring justice. I am proud to endorse him to be the next District Attorney." 



Former District Attorney for the 2nd Judicial District, Democrat

“As District Attorney for Denver from 2005-2017 and a longtime prosecutor, there is nothing more important than seeking justice for victims. DNA evidence has been an essential part of achieving justice. I won the first case in Denver involving DNA evidence and pioneered the Denver Cold Case Project that uses DNA to solve Cold Cases. John Kellner is someone who has done great work using DNA to solve Cold Cases and has shown he has the experience needed to seek justice for victims as District Attorney.”



Former Lieutenant Governor of Colorado

"John Kellner has pledged to build on the impressive record that he has helped DA Brauchler achieve during these last 8 years. His top priorities are to keep our neighborhoods and children safe by seeking justice for victims and holding violent and dangerous offenders accountable while working to rehabilitate those who deserve a second chance. I ask you to join me in supporting John Kellner for District Attorney of the Eighteenth Judicial District."



Former US Attorney for Colorado

“John Kellner is the real deal: A prosecutor, not a politician, who has spent his career fighting for justice. Especially at this time of rising violent crime, we can’t afford not to elect John.”

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Brett Barkey

Former District Attorney, 14th Judicial District

“As a fellow Marine and former elected District Attorney, I can tell you that John is the right person to lead the fight for public safety as District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District.”

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Tim Norton

Elbert County Sheriff

"John Kellner is not only a prosecutor. He is a US Marine Veteran. He co-founded the veteran's treatment court which helps veterans adjust to civilian life through mentorship and programs to prevent recidivism. It's these types of ideas and leadership that we need today. I give John Kellner my full endorsement to be our next District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District."


Tony Spurlock

Douglas County Sheriff

"Working with John I've seen firsthand his dedicated commitment to justice. John's prosecutorial experience is exceptional and EXPERIENCE MATTERS in achieving justice. While John has served as Chief Deputy District Attorney in the 18th Judicial District he has accomplished an outstanding record of successes in all kinds of cases ranging from a 40 year old case to vehicular homicide cases. Without any doubt, I wholeheartedly endorse John Kellner for District Attorney."

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Tom Nestor

Lincoln County Sheriff

"Chief Deputy District Attorney John Kellner is the right choice to be our next District Attorney. His experience and record of achieving justice is unmatched. I am proud to endorse John Kellner to be District Attorney of the 18th Judicial District."


Dave Walcher

Retired Arapahoe County Sheriff

"John Kellner is a career prosecutor. As the former Sheriff of Arapahoe county, I saw him tackle the toughest cold cases in the jurisdiction, achieving justice in cases where it was thought lost. Kellner brings a proven record and leadership to the table. I am honored to endorse him for District Attorney of Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert, and Lincoln counties."



Arapahoe County Commissioner, District 1

"John Kellner has done an incredible job as Chief Deputy District Attorney for the 18th JD. His experience in the courtroom and dedication to pursuing justice for victims are the traits needed to make a great DA. I am excited to endorse John Kellner to be our next DA." 

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Arapahoe County Commissioner, District 2

“As an Arapahoe County Commissioner our community has seen some devastating cases. We need a prosecutor with experience to lead the DA office and bring justice to victims and keep our community safe. John Kellner is the only candidate with that record and I am proud to endorse him.”


Jeff Baker

Arapahoe County Commissioner, District 3

"John Kellner will be a great District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District and I urge you to support his campaign and cast your vote for him in November. I know a tough prosecutor when I see one and John Kellner fits the bill! He has experience working on the current DA’s team and will manage the district to keep our community safe. The four counties in the 18th JD are rapidly changing and Arapahoe County in particular needs a strong leader to guide the DA’s office through what very well could be a significant period of transition. Join me in supporting John Kellner." 



Elbert County Commissioner, District 1

"John Kellner is the obvious choice to be our next District Attorney.  Not a politician, John is a tried and true public servant – a man of integrity and honor who is focused on justice for all.  I am proud to endorse him and grateful that a prosecutor of his caliber and experience is willing to serve our citizens."



Elbert County Commissioner, District 2

“We are fortunate in Elbert County to have such a high quality of life and low levels of crime. Thankfully, most of us will never need to contact the district attorney but if something terrible does happen -- We need John Kellner leading our DA’s office. John is a man of character and principle. His experience as an effective prosecutor and as a U.S. Marine make him the right man to be our next District Attorney.”



Elbert County Commissioner, District 3

“I am proud to enthusiastically endorse John Kellner for District Attorney. I am confident that as our next DA, John won’t let partisan groups influence how he administers the law or how his office will prosecute criminals who hurt the citizens of Elbert County. I encourage my friends and neighbors to join me in supporting John Kellner for District Attorney.”

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Abe Laydon

Douglas County Commissioner, District I

"As a Douglas County Commissioner and an attorney, I know how important the role of top prosecutor is. John Kellner is the only candidate with both the depth of legal experience and demonstrated track record of success to be our next District Attorney. It is my honor to enthusiastically endorse this man of character, courage, and conviction to protect my citizens and keep our county safe."



Douglas County Commissioner, District III

"John Kellner will make an excellent district attorney. He is an experienced prosecutor who has been effectively seeking justice for our community the last 8 years, and also serves our country as a U.S. Marine. I am happy to endorse John Kellner to be the next District Attorney for the 18th."



Mayor, City of Centennial

"As a citizen and mother within the City of Centennial, a community that prides itself on being one of the safest in the State of Colorado, I trust John Kellner will work to keep it that way. I am proud to endorse him for District Attorney."



Mayor of Aurora

"John Kellner is the only candidate in this race who has prosecuted cases in Aurora. He has made a real difference in this community fighting for victims. You can count on him to keep our community safe, treat our citizens fairly, and bring real experience to the office of District Attorney."



Aurora City Council Member, Ward VI

"As a wife, mother and elected leader in SE Aurora, public safety is my number one priority. Our next District Attorney will have the tough task of keeping our community safe. That is why I am endorsing John Kellner. John served in the US Marine Corps and is currently the Chief Deputy District Attorney for the 18th JD. He has successfully prosecuted some of the toughest murder cases in the country. I have no doubt that he will keep us safe." 



Aurora City Council Member,  At-Large

"We are faced with the dual challenge of a reduction in confidence on police activities while crime is spiking across the state.  John Kellner has the experience and empathy to understand the concerns of our residents while simultaneously being tough on crime.  John has my endorsement and my trust."

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Former Aurora City Council Member, At-Large

"I wholeheartedly support John Kellner for District Attorney. John has tremendous experience as a prosecutor and is the right person to stand up for public safety in Aurora."

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Mayor, Colorado Springs

Former District Attorney and Colorado Attorney General

"John is someone we can count on to lead the 18th Judicial District. His experience and leadership will ensure the safety of our communities and uphold the Rule of Law." 



Former Mayor of Greenwood Village

"I unequivocally support John Kellner in the upcoming election for the next District Attorney in the 18th Judicial District. Most voters have little idea of the breadth and depth of the duties of a Colorado District Attorney. Public safety is the #1 job of government at all levels. Accordingly, at the local level, the key to effective public safety is a strong team led by the District Attorney including the Sheriff, Chiefs of Police, and local county/city funding of the aforementioned positions. And John Kellner is the candidate who will deliver that safety to our residents."



Former Arapahoe County Commissioner

"Chief Deputy District Attorney John Kellner is hands down the most qualified to be our next District Attorney. His prosecutorial experience is unmatched. We can rest assured that the 18th judicial district will be safer with John Kellner at the helm. I am honored to endorse him." 

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