John Kellner Will Protect Colorado’s Consumers

Phil Weiser claims that John has no positions on, expertise in, or plans for consumer protection. He is just wrong. John’s experience in consumer protection began in the Marine Corps, where as a judge advocate he worked to protect servicemembers from consumer fraud and predatory lending. As a District Attorney, John has led on education and prevention to stop scammers from taking advantage of our citizens. Recently he hosted the Senior Law & Safety Summit to educate and protect our seniors and partnered with local businesses to prevent scams.

The truth is that throughout the pandemic Colorado paid out over $73 million of Coloradoans hard-earned money to fraudsters, and the incumbent Attorney General has failed to get that money back. Now, Coloradans face higher premiums and payments because of that failure.

As a former cold case prosecutor, John Kellner knows how to investigate and prosecute some of the toughest cases out there. John Kellner will not shy away from ensuring Coloradans are protected from even the most sophisticated fraudsters.