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Fighting Colorado’s Crime Wave

Colorado’s violent crime rate is at a 25 year high. Our state is number one in the country for car theft and has the second highest property crime rate. Colorado also has one of the worst recidivism rates in the country, meaning convicted offenders go on to commit more crimes.

As our Attorney General, the state’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer, John will advocate for tougher penalties for repeat offenders and keep violent criminals behind bars so they can’t harm others.

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Keeping Fentanyl Off Our Streets

John has taken on the drug cartels peddling poison in our communities, seizing hundreds of thousands of deadly fentanyl pills destined for our streets. As Attorney General, John will aggressively prosecute the dealers and cartels that prey on our citizens. In 2019, the incumbent Attorney General failed to take a stand against decriminalizing fentanyl. The results for our state have been devastating, with over 900 Coloradans losing their lives to fentanyl, including 29 kids during the last school year. As Attorney General, John will use the statewide grand jury to go after the cartels and fight to keep fentanyl off the streets

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Supporting the Police

Colorado’s law enforcement put their lives on the line to protect us every day and they deserve to know we support them. A recent survey of police across Colorado found that officers believe Colorado is less safe than four years ago, due in part to policy changes at the state Capitol and anti-police rhetoric from elected officials. John believes we should be funding and supporting the best possible training for our police, rather than demoralizing and delegitimizing them. As a career prosecutor John has built strong relationships with countless police officers, sheriffs, and troopers to promote safer streets and communities.

John is honored to be supported by law enforcement from all across the state, including elected District Attorneys and Sheriffs. John also has the support of the largest police association, the Denver Police Protective Association.

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Protecting Families from Gun Violence

John has fought to keep our streets safe by closing loopholes that allowed dangerous convicted felons to possess firearms. In a recent survey, police officers said a top priority to keep themselves and the public safe is to close this loophole.

At the legislature this year John was joined by chiefs of police from across the state as they advocated to keep guns out of the hands of convicted felony car thieves and drug dealers. Meanwhile, the current Attorney General fought against this common-sense approach to community safety. Colorado deserves an Attorney General who will always fight to keep our families safe.

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Increasing Government Transparency

A recent CBS investigative report highlighted the incumbent Attorney General at a $1,000 a night resort in Maui, taking money from the very same corporations and lobbyists he’s suing or investigating. The question is now: How can Coloradans trust he’s working for their best interests?

John believes that transparency is critical to building public trust. At a time when trust in our institutions is low, Colorado needs an Attorney General who will prioritize transparency and honesty. Recently, John co-led a bipartisan group of public safety leaders in launching data transparency dashboards, the first project of its kind in the entire country.

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Helping Coloradans Recover

John’s experience in consumer protection began in the Marine Corps, where as a judge advocate he worked to protect servicemembers from consumer fraud and predatory lending. As a District Attorney, John has led on education and prevention to stop scammers from taking advantage of our citizens. Recently he hosted the Senior Law & Safety Summit to educate and protect our seniors and partnered with local businesses to prevent scams.

Throughout the pandemic Colorado paid out over $73 million of your hard-earned money to fraudsters, and the incumbent Attorney General has failed to get that money back. Now, Coloradans face higher premiums and payments because of that failure.

As Attorney General, John will protect consumers, prevent fraud and hold scammers accountable.

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Standing up for Coloradans

Colorado has one of the highest inflation rates in the entire country. With the cost of living so high, it’s unacceptable that Coloradans are also paying for the cost of crime at nearly $5,300 per resident.

Colorado ranks as the worst state for car theft and has the second highest property crime rate. As the People’s Lawyer, John will advocate for commonsense policies and laws to protect you and your family.

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