County Commissioners 

John Kellner is the only candidate endorsed by county commissioners from multiple counties across the 18th Judicial District, covering Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln counties.


Arapahoe County Commissioner, District 1

"John Kellner has done an incredible job as Chief Deputy District Attorney for the 18th JD. His experience in the courtroom and dedication to pursuing justice for victims are the traits needed to make a great DA. I am excited to endorse John Kellner to be our next DA." 

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Arapahoe County Commissioner, District 2

“As an Arapahoe County Commissioner our community has seen some devastating cases. We need a prosecutor with experience to lead the DA office and bring justice to victims and keep our community safe. John Kellner is the only candidate with that record and I am proud to endorse him.”


Jeff Baker

Arapahoe County Commissioner, District 3

"John Kellner will be a great District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District and I urge you to support his campaign and cast your vote for him in November. I know a tough prosecutor when I see one and John Kellner fits the bill! He has experience working on the current DA’s team and will manage the district to keep our community safe. The four counties in the 18th JD are rapidly changing and Arapahoe County in particular needs a strong leader to guide the DA’s office through what very well could be a significant period of transition. Join me in supporting John Kellner." 



Elbert County Commissioner, District 1

"John Kellner is the obvious choice to be our next District Attorney.  Not a politician, John is a tried and true public servant – a man of integrity and honor who is focused on justice for all.  I am proud to endorse him and grateful that a prosecutor of his caliber and experience is willing to serve our citizens."



Elbert County Commissioner, District 2

“We are fortunate in Elbert County to have such a high quality of life and low levels of crime. Thankfully, most of us will never need to contact the district attorney but if something terrible does happen -- We need John Kellner leading our DA’s office. John is a man of character and principle. His experience as an effective prosecutor and as a U.S. Marine make him the right man to be our next District Attorney.”



Elbert County Commissioner, District 3

“I am proud to enthusiastically endorse John Kellner for District Attorney. I am confident that as our next DA, John won’t let partisan groups influence how he administers the law or how his office will prosecute criminals who hurt the citizens of Elbert County. I encourage my friends and neighbors to join me in supporting John Kellner for District Attorney.”

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Abe Laydon

Douglas County Commissioner, District I

"As a Douglas County Commissioner and an attorney, I know how important the role of top prosecutor is. John Kellner is the only candidate with both the depth of legal experience and demonstrated track record of success to be our next District Attorney. It is my honor to enthusiastically endorse this man of character, courage, and conviction to protect my citizens and keep our county safe."



Douglas County Commissioner, District III

"John Kellner will make an excellent district attorney. He is an experienced prosecutor who has been effectively seeking justice for our community the last 8 years, and also serves our country as a U.S. Marine. I am happy to endorse John Kellner to be the next District Attorney for the 18th."



Former Arapahoe County Commissioner

"Chief Deputy District Attorney John Kellner is hands down the most qualified to be our next District Attorney. His prosecutorial experience is unmatched. We can rest assured that the 18th judicial district will be safer with John Kellner at the helm. I am honored to endorse him." 

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