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Opinion: How we stop fentanyl distribution rings

Crime and public safety is a central and growing concern across the nation and here in Colorado. Fentanyl remains the single biggest public safety issue facing our state. While steps were taken at the state Capitol this year to try and address the situation, those steps did not go nearly far enough.

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GUEST COLUMN: Fentanyl crisis needs stronger legislation

Since 2015, Colorado has suffered 1,578 fentanyl deaths — a number equivalent to the enrollment at Denver South High School — and amounts to a staggering 1,008% increase. Since 2019, the increase in fentanyl deaths in Colorado has outstripped every state except Alaska — surging 382% during that time. Nationally, overdose deaths from opioids exceeds homicides by 307%. In 2021 alone, more than 800 Coloradans lost their lives to fentanyl.

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Anti-Hunting Measure Highlights Bizarre State Of Colorado Politics

Not long ago, Denver could have been the literal manifestation of Ronald Reagan’s, “shining city on the hill.” It was a place with safe neighborhoods, reasonable governance, clean air and water, a strong economy and education that ranked among the best in the nation, and a Rocky Mountain high that had nothing to do with legal weed.

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Colorado’s AG is AWOL on skyrocketing crime

Colorado has fallen victim to an out-of-control crime wave due in large part to misguided statewide laws that handcuff law enforcement and prosecutors, while ensuring criminals stay on our streets.

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John Kellner, a Republican district attorney, enters race to be Colorado’s next attorney general

Republican District Attorney John Kellner said Thursday he is running for state attorney general against incumbent Democrat Phil Weiser.

Citing the state’s crime rate, Kellner said he is running because he wants to take a role in getting Colorado out of its “crime tsunami.”

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Republican DA John Kellner announces campaign to unseat Phil Weiser as Colorado attorney general

AURORA | Eighteenth Judicial District Attorney John Kellner, a Republican, announced Thursday he will run to unseat Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser this fall.

Kellner said in a news release that Weiser has “failed” in his first term and will run on a platform of making Colorado “safer.”

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Republican District Attorney John Kellner to challenge Democratic Attorney General Phil Weiser for the seat

Arapahoe County District Attorney John Kellner, a Republican, has announced his decision to run against Democratic incumbent Phil Weiser for attorney general in this year’s election.

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Attorney General Phil Weiser draws challenge from Republican DA John Kellner

Republican District Attorney John Kellner, the top prosecutor in Colorado’s 18th Judicial District, declared on Thursday that he’s challenging Democratic Attorney General Phil Weiser, who is seeking a second term.

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